Hi, I'm Maíra!

I’m a Game Designer, Narrative Designer and Writer.



I graduated in Audio and Video Production with emphasis in games right before jumping head-first into game development. Since 2011 my main occupation is game design, but things have moved back and forth into storytelling many times.

After a few years acting as a game designer, plus some self-encouraged research and study, I have put my degree to use in a then new and still foggy field: narrative design. This experience changed how I see and think video games to this day.

My approach to design revolves around the player’s experience, working close to the different areas of development to find optimal ways to convey a message, a feeling or a goal. Putting the player in the center is in my everyday philosophy, either writing a script or designing a mechanic.

Latest Post

Mar 14, 2019

Empathic Game Design

How a game changed thanks to empathy Most of my career I’ve been involved in developing mobile games. Of many lessons learned in this very particular way of creating entertainment, the one I cherish the most is to respect your players. Empathy is the number 1 skill I believe a designer should have in any field, and a precious one in this industry of ours. This case study revolves around a yet unreleased game in which I played a part in-between game design and narrative design. Read more


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