Hi, I'm Maíra!

I’m a Game Designer and Narrative Designer.



In 2011 I got a degree in Audio and Video Production, but making movies was not really in my plans - game design picked my interest way before I got the diploma. Even though most of my career in games was made as a Game Designer, things have moved back and forth into storytelling many times.

After the first few years creating games, with some self-encouraged research and study, I decided to chase a then new and foggy field: narrative design.

Through that decade, I had the pleasure to work in games of all sizes and shapes. Writing, designing, experiencing. I know live in Stockholm, Sweden, designing narrative for mobile games.

Some projects: DeMagnete VR (coming soon), Narrative Design | Slash Quest, Narrative Design | Decor Dream, Narrative Design | Magic Guardians, Game Design | Odallus: The Dark Call, Writing

Latest Post

Mar 14, 2019

Empathic Game Design

How a game changed thanks to empathy Most of my career I’ve been involved in developing mobile games. Of many lessons learned in this very particular way of creating entertainment, the one I cherish the most is to respect your players. Empathy is the number 1 skill I believe a designer should have in any field, and a precious one in this industry of ours. This case study revolves around a yet unreleased game in which I played a part in-between game design and narrative design. Read more


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